Password is 090812

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To sign up to chair a meeting,

For December Click Here

For January Click Here

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Click on the word "open" and add your name on the days and meetings you wish to chair.

If you have any issues please email me at


To join from a landline phone or a cellphone WITHOUT video:
Dial 346 248 7799
If prompted for a meeting ID, enter: 917 588 4221

It will prompt for a password and that can be found here
To join from a laptop or computer:

Click on link or enter into a browser address bar

To join from a smart phone or tablet:

Download the Zoom app then click on link or enter it into a browser window. This will prompt you to open the app.

*If you aren't familiar with the technology please get on before the meeting starts to make sure your equipment is working correctly. Please do not disrupt the meeting trying to get set up.

​If you have questions or need help, send an email to

Seventh Tradition

Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.


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