April 2020 Intergroup report

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December 2020 Group Conscience

​ Motions: <Please use form at bottom to submit motions, must be 7 days prior to group conscience meeting> Submitted by: Teresa L on 12/1/2020 Motion: Continue all speaker meetings on Zoom until furth

GC agenda 10/18/20

Submitted 09/21/20 - By Caton C 1. I would like to make a motion to revisit the GSR and alternate GSR positions. It has been brought to our attention that the criteria for ousting a person from a trus

Group conscience motions and nominations 9/20/20

Submitted 09/11/20 - By Wes R 1. Take off "If Newcomer in need of assistance please contact one of the people below name and numbers" the main and replace with our phone number and address. 2. Open Co