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GC Minutes 7-18-21

Meeting called to order at 2:15 pm by Maggie M. with Serenity Prayer and 12 Traditions reading.

By 2:20 there were 16 members present:

Caton C

Diane N

Matt C

Cindy H

Cory R

Lily S.

Nancy B

Lesa C

Maggie M

Meghan B

Sharon G

Lori L

Tammy H

Greg G

Kim Z

Paul M

Secretary Cory R read the minutes from 6/20. Approved as read. Greg asked that the secretary update the meeting announcements.


· Treasurer – Matt C: We are in good financial shape and reiterated plan to donate funds over prudent reserve to GSO, District, NETA, Intergroup. Accepted with no amendments.

· Co-chair: Present, no report. Maggie M. filled in for Patty as group conscience chair while Patty is on vacation.

· GSR (report accepted) – Caton attended District 53 via zoom July 11, 2021. Meeting was poorly attended, 7 out of some 30-40 groups represented, LHG is always there

o District 53 Corrections position is open, contact Paul M or Caton C if interested in it

o District is $420.60 over prudent reserve

o -Monthly group visits have resumed to let groups know the district is there to offer support. Casa Group was visited this month.

o A spreadsheet of all the meetings listed in District 53 was compiled to help identify who is actually in the district, identify if the group still exists and invite them to participate.

o -Intergroup will have an anniversary meeting on 9/25 from 1-4:30 pm. Intergroup is moving to their new location on August 14.

o -North Texas Round-Up is August 20-22 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Dallas.

o -Anyone interested can join the SWRAASA Host Committee planning meeting July 27 at 7 pm on zoom.

· Intergroup – Not present, no report. Position is open.

· Grapevine – Lesa C: The monthly Grapevine meeting is the same day/time as Lake Highlands group conscience, making it difficult to attend. NETA 65 Chair Chris B is going to suggest an immediate suspension of the Grapevine Instagram site as when one clicks on followers, full names and profile pictures are shown, violating anonymity. The July 31 La Niña-a-Thon (first ever) is in Athens TX from 3-6 pm. Report accepted.

· Treatment – Meghan B: No changes to Green Oaks, Turtle Creek, or Maggie’s. Jordan has been working with Nexus, but there is still no date or time for taking meetings. Report accepted.

· Supplies – Lori J: Restocked everything and checks supply levels weekly. Text her directly if you need anything. Accepted

· Clean-up – Diane N: group is pretty clean, people have been stepping up and helping, which is great. Keep it going. Accepted.

· Maintenance – no report, position open.

· Corrections – Lily S: Lily has reached out to her contacts about taking meetings to jails and prisons but has not heard back. Caton noted the District Corrections position is open (so this may affect Lily’s ability to get correct information.) If anyone has updated information, please text Lily. Accepted

· IT – Clay: Not present, no report.

· Church liaison – Greg: Has continued to communicate with church requesting to meet about the lease or at least have them provide an update he could bring to group conscious. At this point, they haven’t looked at our suggested lease amendments, but would said they are leaning toward a 1-year leas using the same contract as now. Greg asked and treasurer agreed that we not donate our financial overages until after the lease is settled in case we need to access the money. Wednesday night music events don’t seem to bother the 8:000 meeting members. Noise abatement: some type of tape was put on but it didn’t stay in place. LH members have brought door seals and foam to deal with the noise leaking in and will be putting it on the doors.

Ad Hoc Committees: None

Old Business: None

New Business:

1. Nancy B moved to bring birthday night back to the group, in-person, as pre-pandemic, beginning with the August 29 birthday meeting. Discussion around the safety of the potluck and how to involve virtual people. Since we already planned to go Hybrid in October, we will see if it can be done earlier. Motion passed.

OTHER: The zoom meetings on Sunday was zoom-bombed, as was group conscience. We will now have a waiting room for all LH zoom meetings, and the IT person will be asked about the best way to create a new password and inform members without making it public.

Meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer at 3:04 pm.

July motions, for our records:

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