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GC Minutes 4-18-21

Lake Highlands Group

Group Conscience meeting via Zoom

Minutes 4/18/21

Chair Patty N. opened the meeting at 2:15 pm and the 12 Traditions were read.

Attendees: Patty N., Diane N., Maggie M., Lily S., Meghan B., Matt C., Emily, Caton, Paul M., Greg G., Lesa C., Lori J., Niquette K.

Patty N. read the minutes of the February meeting, and they were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt C. reported that contributions totalled $2,731.05, expenses of $429.15. Grapevine subscription was $260.73. Church is abating rent due to closure/repairs. Report was approved.

Cochair: vacant position. Diane N. has been helping with ensuring meetings are chaired.

Step Speaker: Christie not present, but Patty N. stated that step speakers are in place through October.

Secretary: vacant position.

GSR: Paul M. reported that no minutes were provided for GSR meeting. It was proposed that district meeting be held in-person or hybrid in-person/Zoom, but decision made to continue virtual meetings. Caton reported that GSR urged everyone to support Grapevine. Paul reported that exploratory group is being formed to update which groups are meeting in person and on Zoom. Report approved.

Cleanup: Diane N. reported that she is scheduling weekly cleanups/vacuuming, etc. at group at 5 pm Saturday & all are welcome. Report approved.

Maintenance: Dustin not present.

Grapevine: position vacant.

Treatment Center: Meghan B. reported that there are discrepancies in how many people are allowed into Green Oaks and Turtle Creek. Maggie’s is virtual only; Maggies’ is moving as of next week to 4513 Gaston, near 24 hour club. She will check with them again after the move. A rep from Nexus has not returned several calls.

Corrections: Lily S. reported that Dallas City Jail & prisons will open soon for meetings; she will ask Clay to add to announcements to see interest level.

Birthday Night: Nanci B. not present.

IT: Clay S. not present. Patty N. said June signup calendar for Zoom meetings is on website.

Church Liaison: Greg G. reported that we opened group physical location three weeks ago. Drywall crew was supposed to have patched coffee bar wall, sanded and taped front closet for painter, but got another job. So painter agreed to sand & paint. Submitted intent to renew lease on 2/2/21 as we are within 6 months of expiration; per lease, landlord is supposed to reply within 30 days. It’s now been over 60 days. Greg contacted Ryan, who responded via email that the church’s board wants us to continue in the space, but they are “collecting their thoughts.” In the request to renew lease, we asked for a minimum 3-year lease. We also are requesting a “self-help” clause, meaning LHG members would be authorized to perform work/repairs instead of waiting for church’s contractors; this would help alleviate delays on reopening after a situation like the recent one that required new floors, cabinets, drywall and bathroom fixtures. Greg noted that more than 70% of the recent repairs were done by LHG members as church contractors kept delaying work. Report approved.

Lily S. noted that there is a beeping noise at the group. Meghan said she had heard it as well. Greg G. said he would ask Ryan about the noise.

Intergroup – Niquette K. reported that chili cook off is Feb 2022. Gathering of Eagles conference needs volunteers and registration is now open. Correction that Dallas County Jail is zoom only for now; still looking for members to get on meetings. Report approved.

Patty N. asked for nominations for cochair and secretary; no submissions online or in meeting.

Patty N. asked for nominations for Grapevine rep, and Lesa C. self-nominated. Vote was unanimous.

Patty N. closed the meeting at 3:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lori J (filling in for secretary)

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